Breech Baby

I realize it’s been a while since I have posted. A really long while. This was something I never meant to happen, but time has flown by and here we are. I promise to be more diligent in the future to update, bare with me, as Norah is still not here and I am not sure what life looks like with a new baby. 🙂 However, here is an update as to where we are.

On Thursday I went in for a routine, weekly prenatal visit to my midwives and found out that Norah is breech or in a ‘heads up” position instead of being head down. Being almost 39 weeks pregnant, this was not only very shocking, but I left feeling very defeated. Two weeks prior I was told that she was heads down, so the midwife at that appointment was either wrong, or Norah had flipped. I left my appointment, head swimming and very emotional. These days, a breech baby is most always an automatic c-section. Something Brad and I never wanted as we intended to have Norah in the most natural way with
little to no medical intervention.

As of right now I am still struggling with this, more than I would really care to admit. I am angry and fearful. I am angry because I know that the odds of a baby flipping out of the proper heads down position is very unlikely unless the baby is very small or there is an
abundance of amniotic fluid, or that there is something wrong with Norah that would keep her from flipping into the correct position. So is there something wrong with me? Norah? Am I just one of the rare ones that this happens to? Or was the midwife 2 weeks ago wrong? Why wasn’t I made aware of this sooner? If she has been breech this whole
time, than why was it never caught?

I have moments of braveness and determination, optimistic that we can get Norah to flip. Even if this means that I try every crazy thing in the book. Last night was a sight, I had my hips propped up higher than my head and an ice pack at the top of my abdomen and heating pads at the bottom hoping to get Norah out of my pelvis and to flip her head
towards the warmth.

This afternoon we are meeting with a midwife outside of the UNT Midwives that I have been seeing. Her name is Donna and our doula referred us to her. She is one of the very few that perform breech births. This is encouraging, exciting and frightening. I have never
known anyone to give birth to a breech baby. I was raised in believing that breech automatically meant a c-section. Donna is also a believer, so it is comforting to know that we will be able to have our questions answered and our options gone over with us and that this meeting will be full of prayer and seeking out God’s wisdom.

On Thursday, January 24, I am scheduled at Harris Methodist for what is called an External Cephalic Version. This is where the doctor will manually try to flip Norah. I have heard that this can be painful and is not without it’s own set of risks. I am praying that Norah will
flip before this appointment.

It has helped me to type all this out and sort through everything that is tumbling around in my head. I know that everything will work out. God’s plan is much bigger than my own. I know that whichever way that Norah arrives, God knows this and planned this. I know that Norah was His before she was ever mine and that God IS good. Brad and I have been so blessed despite this and have seen how great God is. How ever, I have some tunnel vision that is keeping me from truly seeing this, and I am only recognizing the problem. So please pray. Pray that God would flip Norah. Pray for Brad and most definitely ME, to have peace. Pray for wisdom for the midwives and other medical staff for wisdom and ableness. Pray that no matter the outcome, and how Norah gets here, that it’s ok. God is good, and God is sovereign and a healthy baby and healthy momma are really what’s important.


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