About the Naehers

Three Little Naehers is all about my little family which currently consists of me, my husband Brad, 2 dogs (Ginger and Lola) a cat (Phoenix) and our new journey into parenthood! Here I will be hashing out life as I learn and adjust to my new role as mother, try new ideas and projects and simply learn to live creatively!

Ten years ago, I met the man that I now lovingly call my Husband. After a million years (OK, maybe it was only six) of dating, we decided that God had bigger plans for us and was calling us to get married. So, in 2009, in front of God, family and our closest friends, that is just what we did. Three years, three apartments, and two cities later, we finally ended up in a little house in the cultural district of Fort Worth. We love our lives here in FW. We have an amazing group of friends, a great church and we never cease to learn new truths that only carry us further into our lives together.

We are currently expecting our first child, due to arrive sometime around the end of January. If this kid is anything like me, they will show up late (probably on MY birthday!) and there won’t be anything that anyone can do about it! This journey into parenthood is one that is proving to be as frightening as it is exciting! I have panic attacks weekly. đŸ˜‰ But truly, I cannot wait for the moment when I first lay eyes on my precious child.

So, if you can spare a little patience, please stick around to see how our story unfolds!

About Tiffany
I am a daughter of God, a wife, a mother, artist, writer of things, reader of books, taker of pictures, lover of songs. I love to travel, EAT, cook, sleep, and spend time with my friends and family. I have a soft spot for animals and I love cheesy humor. I am steady and mellow, a loyal friend and a good listener, often slow to speak. I hate the superficial, anchovies, mayo, sour cream and cream cheese. (Don’t judge me!)

About Brad
Without Brad, I do not know where I would be. Apart from my relationship with Christ, this man is my home and my rock who keeps my feet firmly planted on the ground, while my head dreams away in the clouds. He is consistent, logical and one of the most loving people that I know. He is silly and makes me laugh until it hurts! Equally artistic and creative, I am so fortunate that God has placed him in my life as husband.

Ginger and Lola
and Phoenix

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